I'm here to create

My name is Sebastian Kister and I am here to create and scale things. I worked as product manager web and mobile applications for a Munich based cloud provider focussing on IT-security and privacy-by-design for four years. Later I focussed on the media industry thus I am product owner at waipu.tv.

I've been teacher for 11 years, released more than 40 publications and I've spoken on numerous congresses about my work and articles that circle around digitalization of didactics and related UX/UI topics.

Me and my wife also provide a sustainable family business with Huizache Tequila, officially one of the best tequila in the world and World Spirits Winner with every production. What makes us unique in the world market is our 100% natural production from organic agave out of bat-friendly sustainable agriculture.

Yet, music has always accompanied my way. I've been playing the guitar and bass in quite a number of bands ranging from classical music to metal and I played countless shows in the last 15 years including an European tour in 2011 following some festival shows until 2016. 2014 Rock Hard Magazine claimed my band Symbolic probably "best in genre" and on top rated it with an amazing 8,5 / 10.

Huizache Premium Tequila

    we create officially one of the best tequila in the world and World Spirits Winner in San Francisco with every production. Literally no tequila before featured such a high quality that we need to work with years like wine, because every year tastes different. With utmost love and passion for the best quality possible we create a zero compromise product, 100% natural from sustainable and organic agriculture that is recognized as one of the best in the world. Huizache Tequila is exclusive, young but reflects 150 years of experience.

    - the only 100% natural tequila thus we produce with vintage years
    - 8-10 year aged Agave from Bat-Friendly organic and sustainable agriculture
    - World Spirits winner with every single production

    Visit Huizache - Organic Premium Tequila on our German website.

List of publications

As a UX/UI expert and former teacher with an academic background in didactics I aim to give insights and show possibilities to enhance teaching by the use of software. Introducing modern, well designed software can help to individualize a simple lesson to such a degree that we can talk about coaching.

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Musician Vita

When I started to work in bands with 13 years I was always glad to bring it to the next level. One step at a time. The latest album Omnidescent is available world wide through Remission Records. 2014 Rock Hard Magazine claimed Omnidescent "probably best in genre" 2014 and topped it with an amazing 8,5 / 10 rating while Legacy published a 2 page interview with 13/15, The Pit 9,5/10 and Stormbringer 4/5. I also had the honors to join the progressive band Dante on the bass for their latest album When we were beautiful

  • Symbolic (since 2011) bass
  • Cantus Lunaris (2010 - 2013) classical guitar & accoustic bass
  • Age of Carnage (2009 - 2013) lead guitar
  • Gatecrusher (2008 - 2011) bass
  • Rotting Empire (2003 - 2009) bass
  • Arkesilas (2000 - ) all instruments

Guest Appearances:
  • Dante (2015) studio musician
  • Cynicism (2013) guest solo
  • Syksyn Veri (finnish rock) (2011 / 2012) live musician on the guitar
  • Gumomaniacs (2012) several guest soli
  • Producer & Composer of orchestral scores @ Sonic Century

Endorsments (with Symbolic since 2011/2012) from
  • ESP Guitars and Basses
  • Tech21 Amps
  • Hartke Cabinets